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Heed The Teachings Of His Majesty

RastaBwoyKell - My People (Official Video)

RastaBwoyKell - My People (Official Video)

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RastaBwoyKell, a rastafarian artist, producer, and videographer made a living recording artists and helping them promote their brand thru music videos. That all changed when the agents of Babylon stole all his camera equipment and stripped away his identity like modern day slavery. He was lost without his camera and didn’t know what to do when people would hit him up for work. He became unsatisfied with life until he stumbled across a book he had bought from frontline distribution. “The Wisdom of Rastafari.” That’s when he found himself again thru the teachings of his majesty. He observed his life to see what he was already well equipped to do, saw his home studio and decided this was the path he was going to take. To produce, distribute, and market his own brand of Rasta music while emulating Christ. This sparked the birth of his signature style “Trap Reggae” after releasing his first project titled Trapsta Fari where he blended elements of Conscious Hiphop, Trap and Reggae. Rasta continues to keep moving forward, developing his skills in production, and even starting his own Record label to offer his services. Join the mailing list below to get a FREE “Wisdom of Rastafari” book.

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We had the good fortune of connecting with Rastabwoykell and we’ve shared our conversation below.
Hi Rastabwoykell, why did you pursue a creative career?

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If you ask me, Kell is one of the most unique MCs that I’ve heard in a while & 6/8 could very well be the best project he’s attached is name onto yet. His sound is completely unlike any other & the songwriting really hits listeners in the soul.

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RastaBwoyKell Full interview with the Mainstreamradio Family

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Hailing from Chicago, hip-hop/reggae artist-producer RastaBwoyKell promised he would be ushering in a new style of production after discovering sound healing and learning about how he could use frequencies and vibrations to help others on their journey to healing.



Rap-reggae producer and artist RastaBwoyKell might have been born and raised out of southside Chicago, yet his roots grow strong in Rastafarianism. 



RastaBwoy Kell discusses his change in music and his plans to start a new sound...”Trapstafari music” This was definitely a dope experience and finally we got to watch a live performance on our show!



YARDHYPE recently had a question and answer session with the upcoming Reggae musician “Rastabwoykell” who hails from Chicago, Get to learn who he is, read as he introduces himself to the reggae community below.

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